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***Johnny Author***

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`var name = "John Doe";`

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``` codelanguage
function foo() {
  return bar;

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1. item 1
2. item 2
3. item 3

Beautiful Kashmiri words and their meanings

Discovering some of the beautiful words from the Kashmiri language

Kashmiri is spoken in the picturesque Kashmir Valley, parts of Jammu and by the Kashmiri diaspora across India and the world. The language used to be written in the Sharda script and even today the script is used for prayer and religious ceremonies. Today, Kashmiri is written in both Devnagari script and Urdu. It has about 5.4 million speakers in India and about 5.6 million worldwide. (2001 census)

Kashmiri in Sharda script

As we explore the Kashmiri language, we discover that it is a treasure of beautiful words, thoughts and sounds. In fact, the language is sheer poetry. 

Beautiful Kashmiri words with their meanings:

  • Praznath  ~  identity
  • Maej-Kashir ~  mother Kashmir
  • Bhatte’ भट्ट  ~  Kashmiri Pandits 
    • Kashmiri Pandits actually never call themselves Pandits. The Kashmiri word for the community is 'Bhatte' भट्ट
  • Yonya योन्य  ~  Janaeu 
    • sacred thread worn by Hindus
  • Gatt’jaar  घाटजार  ~  wisdom
  • Nearvan नयरवन   ~   the sacred thread worn on wrist by Hindus

  • Tyok त्योक   ~   the sacred mark on forehead / teeka
  • Hymath हयमथ   ~   courage
  • Yezath यज़थ   ~   respect, honour
  • Lol’ te’ maay लोल त  मॉय ~  affection and love 
  • Wandh’ वन्ध  ~  winter

Kashmir valley covered in snow, blue skies, Language Curry

  • Ryetkol रय्तकोल   ~   summer 
  • Kraad क्राड़  ~  Miser
    • the word has all the right elements to describe a miser, doesn't it?
  • Arzath अरज़थ  ~  ones earnings/gain or profit 
  • Voharwod वोहरवोध ~  birthday/Janam din
    • used for the date of birth as per the Hindu lunar calendar
  • Poshte’ पोषत   ~  to be nourished, to thrive, to flourish, to prosper,
    • also an expression of congratulations or greetings or best wishes to someone. For example: voharwod poshte

  • Bronth ब्रोंथ  ~  When u see an unknown person and mistake the person for someone you think you know!
    • this is possibly the most fun Kashmiri word and we have all needed it at some time! P.S it must not to be confused with deja-vu ♦


  • kongposh  ~   saffron flower
  • Pozz’ / Pazzar  पोज़्ज़  पज़्ज़र  ~  true/truth
  • Matamaal (मातामाल)  ~  nanhihaal, nani's home
  • Aahee आही Blessings 
    • especially when elders wish you well

Hand giving blessing against backdrop of sky, representing Ahee blessing given by Kashmiri Hindu

This beautiful language has been spoken for centuries but it was only recently, in 2020, that a bill was passed to make it one of the official languages of Kashmir. And some Kashmiri youth have even taken upon themselves to protect and revive the langauge by starting a #revivesharda movement. Understandibly so as Kashmiri language is an important element of Kashmiri culture. 

Which is your favourite Kashmiri word and will you start using it in your daily conversation? 

Orzu Dorkoth!

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