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***Johnny Author***

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`var name = "John Doe";`

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``` codelanguage
function foo() {
  return bar;

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1. item 1
2. item 2
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How Language Curry live classes helped this medical student learn Kannada 'properly'

'I knew most of the words in Kannada and what they mean but forming the sentences was the hard part'.

Co-Founder Language CurryVatsala Sharma speaks to medical student Sana about why she learned Kannada. Sana is in her third year of MBBS and belongs to the state of Bangaluru.  She took Kannada classes for daily conversation with people. She speaks Hindi, Urdu and English.

Check out the whole interview below!

Medical student Sana

V.S: Tell us about yourself and your motivation to learn a new language.

Sana: I am doing my 3rd-year MBBS. I am from Bangalore but we didn't speak much Kannada in school or college. Everybody was talking in English. In 11th and 12th, I got some friends and I started learning with them. But I was not confident in speaking with others. I was OK speaking to my friends as they understood what I was saying. It was difficult speaking to unknown people. So I wouldn't speak at all. But now in MBBS, I have to speak to patients so I wanted to learn properly. I had friends who were helping me out but I really wanted to go through the basics and learn it properly

V.S: How did you come to know about Language Curry?

Dr Sana: I was trying to find a Kannada teacher but it is difficult for me to go for offline classes so I was searching on google and saw the APP. I tried the APP first. It was nice and interactive. Then I got to know about the one-to-one classes. I had done two or three levels in the APP. That's when I came to know about the one-to-one sessions. Then I got in touch through emails. 

V.S: How did you find the Beginners Course in live classes?

3Dr Sana:   Yes, I had done it with Savita ma'am, and she literally gave a large 10-15 minutes to my doubts and everything. And she actually helped me with the interactions that I have with patients. She put a lot of time into that. She said, 'whatever you ask your patients I will translate and give it to you. 

V.S: Would you like to share any funny incident that made you laugh?

Dr Sana:   Probably I used to mix up the female and male in every sentence and people would be staring at me! There used to be a patient and a relative over there. Once there was a lady relative accompanying a male patient. I was talking as if I were addressing a female. In the end, the man said, 'no I am the patient not her'! (laughs). I hadn't realised what happened. 


V.S: How was your language learning journey?

Dr Sana:  So I knew most of the words in Kannada and what they mean but forming the sentences was the hard part. I could frame the first half of the sentences but when you come to the tenses and everything .. so I would try to speak fast and skip off the ends of sentences! (laughs) 

V.S: Thank you so much. Keep learning from Language Curry.

Check out the whole interview below!

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