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[link text](

> Quote text
***Johnny Author***

![image alt text](image url)
***Image caption, description***

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`var name = "John Doe";`

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``` codelanguage
function foo() {
  return bar;

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- item 1
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- item 3

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1. item 1
2. item 2
3. item 3

Common Bengali proverbs and their meanings in English!

The true essence of a language can be felt from its proverbs as that is where the wisdom of the anscestors comes to us

Let’s learn proverbs in Bangla!

Learning languages is always exciting! This episode of Language Curry brings you a super exciting edition on proverbs in Bangla which are called probad in Bangla.

Proverbs as we know are generally used in our day-to-day communications, be it oral or written. They not only enhance the beauty of the language but also strengthen the message. 

Gache kanthal gonfe tel The proverb literally means Jack Fruit in the tree and oil in the moustache. It is used to imply counting chickens even before they hatch.

Taila mathaye tel daye Means it is unreasonable/unnecessary to oil an oily scalp or to pour water in a filled jar.

Oti bhokti chor  er lokkhon being too courteous or using sugar-coated words is the identification of a greedy thief!

Nei mama che kana mama bhalo means it is certainly better to have someone or something than to have no one or nothing.

Oti Sundori na paye bor, oti ghoroni na paye ghor The proverb is about a beautiful woman with poor married life and how an overly organized person finds things messy. It basically is used for saying that excess of anything is just useless.

Asarer tarjan garaj e nei shar This proverb means empty vessels make much more noise.

Ghugu dekeche, phand dekheni It expresses only the bird has been eyed and not the cage. One must not view things with half an eye.

Nachte na janle uthun byanka This proverb says a bad workman blames his tools.

Shoja angule ghee othena This proverb literally means that a straight finger cannot pull out ghee from the container. It implies that is impossible to achieve much by simply being nice.

Bhat chorale kaker obhabh hoy na This proverb actually says that if you feed the crows with rice, they will surely come in gathering. The teaching from it is that he who spends/flaunts his wealth attracts a huge number of friends!

Bobar kono shotru nei The proverb means he who seldom speaks will have no enemies.

Adhik sanyasite gajan noshto This proverb is the Bengali counterpart of too many cooks spoil the meal.

Oti lobhe tanti noshto Which means too much greed is devastating.

Chorer maa er boro gola This proverb says that the thief blasts his tonsils to defend himself while trying to conceal all his lies!

Kana gorur bhinna path  This proverb actually expresses that a blind cow has no path to follow or walk on. This means someone without a vision is bound to get lost.

Chor e chor e mashtuto bhai The literal meaning is that thieves are 'first cousins' implying that birds of a feather flock together.

Sukher payra howa sohoj This proverb says it is easier to be a fair-weather friend. 

Thakur gor e ke re ami to kola khayini This proverb says that the nervous gesture of a thief gives him away. It is quite like the Hindi proverb, ‘chor ki daree mein tinka’!

Adhinta appekha mrityu shrey Even death is preferable to bondage.

Sobor e mewa fole This proverb means the fruit of patience is sweet.

Sanpe bor howa It means misfortune turns into a blessing.

Kukur er pete ghee shoyena The literal meaning is that dogs can never digest ghee. Which means, Habit is the second nature of all humankind.

Hawar golayae dori diye jhogra kora Which means to have insignificant and illogical arguments with someone.

Moron kale e hori naam It expresses the meaning of remembering God at the time of death. Which means to take action or finish a task at the last moment.

Aapni banchle baper naam Means self –preservation is the first law of nature.

Bap ka bet Which means like father like son.

Nana Muni nana mot  This one means many minds will produce many opinions.

Paanch kan paanch para howa Means a matter known amongst many people.

This is how we see that the proverbs in Bangla are related to not only body organs, people, time duration, nature, animals, feelings, or beauty however it carries a reverberation of happenings, whether in the present or near future, and a kind of warning which clearly reveals truths or learnings in simple words.  

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Do you know that you can now download the Language Curry App to learn Bengali free of cost! 

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