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It's Childrens' Day! Lets see how we address children with love across India!

This Childrens Day let us celebrate the innate qualities of children: innocence, curiosity, purity and try to hold on to these in ourselves.

recognising the divinity in small children

Children have always had a special place in India. From being called a 'bhagwaan ka roop' (a form of God themself) they have not just been loved and celebrated but also the divine in them has been recognised. From Devi to Bhairon to Baal Krishna many roops of God have been visualised in small children. And of course, we have a lot of cute names to address children as well! 

childrens day india

cute Indian nicknames

We all have a legal name but so many more names of love and fondness were given to us as kids! The beauty of Indian languages is just this! These names bring a smile and lovely memories of childhood don't they? 

We tried to compile some cute and lovely names from various languages but do let us know in the comments if we missed some. 

What was your favourite cuddle-worthy name given to you by your family? Happy Children's Day!


When using generic words to call children affectionately, Kashmiri's tend to often use:

Gobbur  = kiddo/baby/child
Sonn' Gobbur = (sonn' = golden) kiddo/baby/child
Ryeddh' = beloved
Soosh =  (soosh literally means Lungs) but here beloved
Krehna maaz = (literally means liver)  beloved/dear

cute kashmiri language nicknames of children


Many nicknames are shorter versions of real names. But we have a lot of cute names like raja beta or rani berti which mean king-like son and queen like daughter. Gudda / Guddi mean cute like a doll.

Childrens day india cute hindi nicknames of children


Aww these Punjabi nicknames are super cute. Nikka actually means younger or smaller one and we can see how it became a term of enderment!  Ronaka means the light in our life. 

Childrens day india cute Punjabi names of children


Did you know that Gujarati nicknames are soo cute! Basically they use a suffix with the real names to make them pet names. For example: 
Pinky - pinkudi 
Maya- mayudi
Paresh - parya

Childrens day india cute gujarati names of children


And here is a cute list of names of our adorable little Assamese friends!

Childrens day india cute assamese names of children


Manipuri nicknames are on the go!!! Why do we say that? Its because so many of them end with 'go'!  Maago and Sonago! 

cute nicknames of children in manipuri


Chakuli, babdi, pintya and sonya... these names make such a wonderful group of friends. We want to go out and play with them!

Childrens day india cute marathi names of children


The sweet language has to have sweet nicknames. One of them is mishti, which means sweets themselves! 

childrens day india cute bengali nick names of children


Telugu is a language that Tagore himself found the sweetest! He asked if it is a language or music!?  The nicknames in Telugu are sweet as well. We want to meet bangaram!

Childrens day india cute telugu nick names of children


We're sure you know atleast one cute tamil child by the name of ammu

Childrens day india tamil names of children


Children are known by many many different names in Kannada. Chinna, bangaara, putaani, putta and chinnu are names for both boys and girls. 

Childrens day india kannada names of children

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