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Brihadeeswar Mandir Thanjavore: exploring ancient Indian architecture #heritageday

Brihadeeswar Mandir: a tribute... on visiting the Brihadeeswara Mandir one feels that time had stood still, the deity worship and sacred traditions are followed with aplomb even today.

World Heritage Day 

International Architect Day ancient Indian architecture

Today we explore the Brihadeshwar Mandir of Thanjavur  

The Brihadeeswara Mandir of Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu is a 1012 years old divine Hindu temple dedicated to God Shiva. It is one of the three Brihadeeswara Mandirs; the other two are - the Brihadeeshvar Mandir at Gangaikondacholisvaram and the Airavatesvara Mandir at Darasuram

Brihadeshwara Shiv Mandir India

A mighty and prosperous Chola Empire existed in the Southern Bharat from the 8th to 11th Century. The devout visionary Chola Raja Kutumb of Tamizha Naad built these 3 mandirs which have lasted 1012 years now. While many ancient marvels were destroyed by barbaric invaders over a thousand years, these mandirs were among those that survived and remained well protected by the Hindus from across Bhaarat. They even survived six earthquakes. This temple is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site 'Great Living Chola Temples' and even today they are a fully functioning spaces with daily Pooja conducted. 

(Pooja - worshipping a Deity, meditating on a Deity’s Image with a set of actions).

Elephant in front of Breehadeshwar  Shiv temple Thanjavur
The entrances of Breehadeshwar are huge- even elephants look tiny in front of them! 

The architecture and plan of Breehadeshwar temple

The temple complex extends over 240 by 120 meters. Axial and symmetrical geometry has been used in the construction of the Hindu Shiv temple. The architecture used is the interlock method and hence cement, plaster or other adhesives were not used to bind the stones. The five mainsections of the temple incluse the Sri Vimana (main structure), the Nandi Mandap, mukhamandap (main community hall), the mahamandap (large gathering hall) and a pavillion. The Sri Vimana is built out of heavy stone and it is a whopping 210 feet tall and still stands erect. A total of 1.3 lakh ton of granite was used.  Such a feat requires a high scientific temper involving creativity, mathematics, geology, science and of course bhakti (devotion).

#ChiyaanVikram explains about the history of Tanjore big temple and Pride of our Indian culture 👌😍🔥
His speech 👏👏#PonniyinSelvan #PS1FromSep30th#ps1#ARRahman

— kannan (@kannan12033748) September 25, 2022

On visiting the Breehad Ishwar Mandir one feels that time had stood still. The temple stones sing the songs of the intense human abilities that went into creating them. They inspire us to achieve our full potential, to blossom, to shine as bright as we can.

a pocket watch kept in sand on a beach

The Brihadeeshvar mandir is a timeless work of art and one of the finest architectural marvels ever built. In another 1000 years,  ten generations may live and perish, and modern buildings may rise and fall but this magnificent abode of the Gods, the Breehad Ishwara Mandiram will still exist. Namaskar to the Brihadeeshvars.

🙏🏻ॐ नमः शिवाय 🙏🏻

FunFact: The International Union of Architects created World Architect Day to “remind the world of its responsibility for the future of the human habitat". It is celebrated on the first Monday of October, to acknowledge the great architectural marvels of ancient and modern times. 

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