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Five Indian hill stations you can visit this monsoon!

Indian monsoons are gorgeous and even more so in the hill stations

Retreat to the Hills in the Monsoons!

The monsoons have arrived! Every year the monsoon season in India offers respite from the harsh summer months of March-April-May and there are a lot of reasons, to celebrate the rainy season. India is home to many such beautiful hill stations, which offer a variety of lush green scenic beauty and the rugged mountains, beckon the wanderlust traveller. In this blog let’s explore the top five cherry-picked hilly destinations during the rainy season.  

Mesmerizing Mahabaleshwar!

Needle Point, Mahabaleshwar Hill station to visit in Indian monsoon
Needle Point, Mahabaleshwar Hill station to visit in Indian monsoon

Mahabaleshwar is truly hypnotizing. A scenic hill station, nestled among the five hills of the Sahyadri mountain ranges in the Satara district, in the state of Maharashtra; it is the perfect destination for a monsoon getaway. Most of the hilly retreats in India were discovered by the Britishers, who once ruled India. A walk through the scenic woods of Mahabaleshwar is dotted with old colonial bungalows.

Mahabaleshwar has a truly enchanting lake, Lake Venna. The colourful hill station has many tourist spots that are worth visiting during the rainy season. During the monsoon season the trickling Lingamala waterfalls; comes alive after a long spell of the dry months of summer. The gushing waterfalls are a sight to cherish and capture for posterity. The Lingamala waterfalls are a sight to behold during the monsoons as its crystal clear water falls from a height of 600 metres and cascades into the Lake Venna. The panoramic and breathtaking view of the waterfalls is simply awe-inspiring.  Believed to be a source of the river Krishna, the Krishnabai temple is built on a hilltop overlooking the Krishna valley. The temple houses a murti of Lord Krishna and a Shiv ling. It provides tourists with the most enchanting view of the river.


Kodaikanal-The Princess of Hill Stations

Poombarai Village, Kodaikanal Hill station to visit in Indian monsoon
Poombarai Village, Kodaikanal 

The months of July-September see an influx of visitors due to the monsoons. If you are a tourist who enjoys peace and solitude retreat to the Princess of Hill Stations- Kodaikanal. You can enjoy a quiet rainy evening on your balcony with a cup of steaming hot coffee or chocolate as you watch the rains pouring though not heavily but in a melodious way of their own.

Tourists can also enjoy board and card games while the rain pours outside silently.  The mist-laden mountains and valleys beckon you as the calming scent from the eucalyptus trees engulf you and fragrances the air. Trekking is not advisable during the monsoons but a walk through the heavily wooded forests is certainly a tourist’s delight as one can breathe the fresh unpolluted and clean air. An overall enjoyable monsoon vacation for all lovers of rain and misty mountains that sets the mood not only for the holiday but for years of fond memories and nostalgia that come with it. So visit Kodaikanal in the monsoons, but be sure to equip yourself with monsoon gear and a pair of powerful lenses; to capture the sweetest memories that will last a lifetime.    


Shillong- ‘Abode Of The Clouds’

Spectacular View of Waterfalls, Shillong Hill station to visit in Indian monsoon
Spectacular View of Waterfalls, Shillong 

Shillong, the hill station capital of Meghalaya a northeastern state in India is home to pristine waterfalls and placid mountains. The rolling hills in the middle of the town reminded the Britishers of Scotland and therefore Shillong is also known as ‘Scotland of the East.’ The East Khasi Hills district headquarters comes under Shillong. The monsoons arrive in Shillong in early June and stay up to the end of October. As a tourist, if you love the monsoon season then Shillong is the place to visit. For the avid hikers, there is the David Scott trail, which is 16kms long and can be covered in 4 hours. The track was used formerly as a horse trail by a British administrator David Scott but has now become a hiking trail for hiking and nature enthusiasts.

While sightseeing can be daunting during the monsoons, the nearby cafes and restaurants offer spectacular views of the clouds descending on the mountain tops. Be sure to carry your camera to capture the best views possible. Don’t forget to return home with a Khasi - hand-woven colourful shawl to spice up your wardrobe!


Ranikhet- Walk through the Picturesque Meadows!

A Picturesque View, Ranikhet Hill station to visit in Indian monsoon
A Picturesque View, Ranikhet 

Ranikhet, a hill station located in the Kumaon region of the Himalayas is also a cantonment area with a Military Hospital and both the Naga and the Kumaon Regiment in full authority. The monsoon seasons are moderate to heavy rainfall but worth a visit as the area is lush green with pine trees and dense forests. Though there are many interesting and beautiful places to visit in Ranikhet but due to the rains movement will be restricted, however a visit to the Bhalu Dam. Far away from the hustle-bustle of city life, the lake is nestled in the lap of large mountains, deep forests and beautiful valleys. Ideal for trekkers and adventure enthusiasts who would like to trek to the lake despite the rains. For all the shutterbugs out there carrying your camera will add to all your memories spent in a beautiful hill station and they are certainly priceless!


Mount Abu- A Religious, Yet A Picturesque Hill Station

A Beautifully Carved Dilwara Temple, Mount Abu Hill station to visit in Indian monsoon
A Beautifully Carved Dilwara Temple, Mount Abu 

Instead of feeling cooped up living in our own overcrowded cities, well heading to the hills for a cool and refreshing break is not a bad idea, head straight to Mount Abu. The scenic hill station is a nature lover’s delight as it offers many interesting places to visit. The monsoons are not very heavy in Mount Abu and sightseeing is usually a pleasure. It’s a perfect time to enjoy the lush greenery at this time. The sky is clear and the evenings are pleasant. For some, the call of natural surroundings entices them to visit this mountain retreat.

A walk through the wooded forests during the wet season is truly refreshing as it brings you close to nature. Nature enthusiasts seeking the simple pleasures of mountain life can stroll through the densely wooded mountains and forests. Evenings are pleasant for a boat ride which is breathtaking on the man-made Nakki Lake which was created at a height of 1200 metres above sea level. The mountain mist and lush greenery are a source of solace and calm for the tourists visiting the place during the monsoon season.

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