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[link text](

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***Johnny Author***

![image alt text](image url)
***Image caption, description***

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`var name = "John Doe";`

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function foo() {
  return bar;

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1. item 1
2. item 2
3. item 3

How to tell the time in Gujarati

Learning Gujarati? Then it is important to be able to tell time in Gujarati as well!

Telling Time in Gujarati

અરે ભાઈ શું સમય થયો!

Our daily lives are centred around telling the time. It allows us to figure out if we are running late or if we have plenty of time to spare, assist us in making it to train, bus, or flight on time, and allow us to be on time for an important event. The learner of a new language should know that it is an essential skill to learn how to tell the time in a regional language, regardless of the reason they are learning the language.

Time in Gujarati, time is precious gif

Gujarat is well known for its culture, cuisine, universities, and business opportunities around the world. Whether you are in Gujarat for studies, a job, or simply to have fun, knowing how to ask for and tell the time in Gujarati will be essential. To help you learn the key vocabulary about the time you need for Gujarati speaking, we have created this Gujarati time-telling guide for you. So, here we go:

Time-related vocabulary and phrases

Telling time in Gujarati gif

Time               સમય (Samaya)

Hour               કલાક (Kalāka)

O’clock            વાગ્યો (vāgyo)

Morning            સવાર (Savāra)

Afternoon          બપોર (Bapōra)

Evening            સાંજ (Sān̄ja)

What time is it?   સમય શું છે? (Samay shuṁchhe?)

What’s the time?           કેટલા વાગ્યા છે? (Keṭlā vāgyā chhe?)

If the time is on the hour

Telling time in Gujarati

Ione o’clock 

એક વાગ્યો છે  ek vāgyo chhe

two o’clock

- બે વાગ્યા છે   Bē vāgyā chē

three o’clock

- ત્રણ વાગ્યા છે Traṇa vāgyā chē

four o’clock

 ચાર વાગ્યા છે  Cāra vāgyā chē

five o’clock

- પાંચ વાગ્યા છે  Pān̄ca vāgyā chē

Isix o’clock

- છ વાગ્યા છે   Cha vāgyā chē

seven o’clock

– સાત વાગ્યા છે   sāt vāgyā chhe

eight o’clock 

- આઠ વાગ્યા છે   Āṭha vāgyā chē

nine o’clock

- નવ વાગ્યા છે   Nava vāgyā chē

ten o’clock

- દસ વાગ્યા છે   Dasa vāgyā chē

eleven o’clock

- અગિયાર વાગ્યા છે Agiyāra vāgyā chē

twelve o’clock

- બાર વાગ્યા છે Bāra vāgyā chē

Hours and minutes in Gujarati

  • When dealing with the first half of the Hour like 9.05, we will say, 'nav ane paṁch thyā chhe'  નવ આને પંખ છે છે
  • When dealing with the second half of the Hour like 3.55, we will say 'chārmāṁ paṁch kam chhe', ચારમામ પંચ કામ છે 

Use of half-past, quarter-past and quarter to in gujarati

Half-past – In Gujarati, we use the term સાડા (sāḍā) for half-past. For example, 4.30 will be સાડા ​​ચાર વાગ્યા છે (Sāḍā ​​cāra vāgyā chhe).

However, there is an exception for saying 1.30 and 2.30 in Gujarati. For 1.30 we use દોઢ વાગ્યો છે (dodh vāgyo chhe) and for 2.30 we use the term અઢી વાગ્યા છે (adhī vāgyā chhe).

Quarter to - In Gujarati, we use the term પોણા (Ponā) for the quarter to. For example, 6.45 will be પોણા સાત વાગ્યા છે (ponā sāt vāgyā chhe).

Quarter past - In Gujarati, we use the term સવા (savā) for quarter past. For example, 5.15 will be સવા પાંચ વાગ્યા છે (savā paṁch vāgyā chhe).

Points to remember

The twelve hour clock –   Due to the prevalence of the twelve-hour clock in India rather than the twenty-four-hour clock, Gujaratis as well use the phase of the day to describe the hour rather than am or pm.  For instance:

5 p.m. would be expressed as સાંજના પાંચ વાગ્યા છે (Sān̄janā pān̄ca vāgyā chē)

6 a.m. would be expressed as સવારના છ વાગ્યા છે (Savāranā cha vāgyā chē)

2 p.m. would be expressed as બપોરના બે વાગ્યા છે (Bapōranā bē vāgyā chē)

Time in Gujarati, gif of a clock

Hopefully, you now have a much better understanding of asking for and giving time in Gujarati. Of course, to become fluent in Gujarati, you need to learn more than just telling the time. It is therefore imperative that you have a complete learning plan with useful vocabulary, simple grammar explanations and speaking practice. Luckily, Language Curry offers all of this.

Screenshot of Language Curry App Vocab section of Gujarati language for learning GujaratiLanguage Curry is an app you can trust for language learning. It provides the most relevant Gujarati words and phrases voiced out by native speakers, so you won't have to waste time learning unimportant ones. The "Time" and “Number and Denomination” tab in the Vocab section will help you gain a better understanding of how to tell the time in Gujarati by giving you phrases and examples.  Most of all, learn conveniently because, with Language Curry App, you don't have to be worried about strict schedules. You can learn anywhere and anytime you want.

With language Curry App in hand, you are in safe hands!!! Happy Learning!!!



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