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`var name = "John Doe";`

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Learning Assamese? Here are 10 useful phrases in Assamese language

Are you visiting Assam? Here are some phrases that will help you mingle with the locals and enhance your travel experience

10 common phrases in Assamese language that visitors will find useful

If you ever decide to travel to the North Eastern States of India, you will have to come to Guwahati, Assam. Assam paves as a gateway to North East, India. Nestled between mountains and rivers, Assam is as fascinating as folklore. As you keep exploring the state, you will cross forests, tea gardens, and fascinating cuisines. The most wonderful thing about Assam is the people. Warm, kind, and generous. Most people speak Assamese, which is the language of the people of Assam. The Assamese language is simple and easier on the tongue.

Tea gardens of Assam
A tea garden in Assam

So, if you plan to visit Assam and be our guest, here are a few phrases that you can use to mingle well with the local people. Language and food make stays and travels pleasant, isn’t it?

Simple Assamese phrases to learn when traveling there                                             

Nomoskar  (both formal and informal)

English translation: Hello.


Mur Naam XYZ, Apunar? (formal)

Mur naam XYZ, Tumar? (informal)

English translation: My name is XYZ. May I know yours?


Bhaal ne apunar?  (formal)

Bhaal ne tumar? (informal)

English Translation: How are you?

Note: Apuni is Aap in Hindi, Tumi is Tum in Hindi


Ei jegah tu kot baaru? (Both formal and informal)

English translation: Where is this place?


Moi nejanu (Both formal and informal)

English translation: I don’t know?

Laksa, Assamese dish
Laksa, Assamese dish

Bhaat Khale? (formal)

Bhaat Khala? (informal)

English translation: Did you have your dinner/lunch?

Note: In Assam mostly in dinners and lunches the staple food is rice. Bhaat means rice.


Eiyat gaari, rickshaw, auto, bus, restaurant, ATM kot paam? (Both formal and Informal)

English Translation: Where can I find a car, rickshaw, auto, restaurant, bus, or an ATM here?


Apunak log paai bhaal lagil (Formal)

Tumak log paai bhaal lagil (Informal)

English translation: It was a pleasure meeting you.


Aapunar phone number tu  paam ni baaru? (Formal)

Tumaar phone number tu paam ni baaru? (Informal)

English translation: Can I have your phone number?


Dhonyobaad  (Both formal and informal)

English Translation: Thank you.

A beautiful sunrise in Assam
A beautiful sunrise in Assam

So, these are some basic phrases,  that can make your stay in Assam a tad bit comfortable and easier.

It’s always nice to have visitors who would want to know a little more about the people and the land, rather than just making reels and those Instagram-worthy images. Not that we resent that, but Assam is beyond an image and a 30-second reels with beautiful backgrounds.

Cover Image above: Majuli island, Assam

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