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Learn how to tell time in Marathi in five minutes

With this detailed tutorial you will be able to tell time in Marathi just like the locals

‘भाऊ किती वाजता?

Brother! What time?

gif of a Marathi man asking 'what time'

Have you ever wondered how our lives would be different if we didn't have the concept of time? Fortunately, we do have it and apart from the difference in time zones, everything else is relatively the same across the globe.

Being able to ask questions and talk about time is fundamental to speaking any language, and that’s also true if you’re a beginner learning Marathi. So instead of simply saying the numbers that you see on the clock, you can sound like a native by using the same phrases and terms that most Marathi speakers do.

From asking what time it is to the key vocabulary you need for speaking in Marathi about hours, and minutes, this blog will guide you through everything you need to know.

चला तर मग सुरुवात करूया Calā tara maga suruvāta karūyā (So, let’s get started)!

a gif for 3 2 1 count down to telling time in Marathi

Marathi words related to time




वेळ -vel


तास -Tāsa


वाजले -vājalē


सकाळी -Sakāḷī


दुपारी -Dupārī

Evening संध्याकाळ -Sandhyākāḷa

Basics of Marathi time telling

Here’s how to tell the time in Marathi if the time is on the hour:

  • It’s one o’clock - एक वाजला आहे -Ēka Vājalā āhē
  • It’s two o’clock - दोन वाजले आहेत -Dōna vājalē āhēta
  • It’s three o’clock - तीन वाजले आहेत -Tīna vājalē āhēta
  • It’s four o’clock - चार वाजले आहेत -Chaar Vājalā āhēta
  • It’s five o’clock - पाच वाजले आहेत -Paach Vājalā āhēta
  • It’s six o’clock - सहा वाजले आहेत -Sahā Vājalā āhēta
  • It’s seven o’clock – सात वाजले आहेत -Saat Vājalā āhēta
  • It’s eight o’clock - आठ वाजले आहेत -Aath Vājalā āhēta
  • It’s nine o’clock - नऊ वाजले आहेत -Na'ū Vājalā āhēta
  • It’s ten o’clock - दहा वाजले आहेत -Dahā Vājalā āhēta
  • It’s eleven o’clock - अकरा वाजले आहेत -Akarā Vājalā āhēta
  • It’s twelve o’clock - बारा वाजले आहेत -Bārā Vājalā āhēta

Here’s how to tell the time in Marathi if the time is on the hour: The Twelve-Hour Clock

gif of a clock used for Telling time in Marathi language

Since, the twelve-hour clock is more common in India than the twenty-four-hour clock, Marathis too, describe the hour depending upon the phase of the day rather than using the terms am or pm.

For instance:

5 p.m. would be expressed as संध्याकाळचे वाजले आहेत - Sandhyākāḷacē 5 vājalē āhēta’

6 a.m. would be expressed as सकाळचे वाजले आहेत - Sakāḷacē 6 vājalē āhēta

2 p.m. would be expressed as दुपारचे वाजले आहेत - Dupāracē 2 vājalē āhēta’


Asking for the time in Marathi

‘What time is it?’ becomes किती वाजले आहेत? - Kitī vājalē āhēta?  

‘At what time?’ becomes कोणत्या वेळी - Kōṇatyā vēḷī.


Use of half-past, quarter-past and quarter to in Marathi

Now, the time is not always on the hour. So how do you say “half past”, “quarter past” and “quarter to” in Marathi? Let’s check it out:

Half-past – In Marathi, we use the term साडे / saade for half-past. 

For example, if the time is 4.30, we say साडे चार वाजले आहेत. -Sāḍē cāra vājalē āhēta .

However, there is an exception for 1:30 or 2:30. We use the term दीड वाजले -Dīḍa vājalē  for 1.30 and अडीच वाजले -Aḍīca vājalē  for 2.30.

Quarter to - In Marathi, we use the term पावणे / paavne for the quarter to. For example, if the time is 2.45, we use पावणे तीन. -It’s quarter to 3.

Quarter past- In Marathi, we use the term सव्वा / savva for quarter past. For example, if the time is 3.15, we use सव्वा तीन. -It’s quarter past 3.


Hours and minutes in Marathi


Want to be a little more specific? Here’s how Marathi time works when you need to indicate the exact number of minutes that have passed from the hour or are remaining in an hour.

For instance, if you're dealing with the first half of the hour:
3.12 then we will say तीन वाजून 12 मिनिटे tīna vājūna 12 miniṭē 

And if you're dealing with the second half of the hour:

2.40 then we will say तीन वाजून वीस मिनिटे झाली आहेत  tīna vājūna vīsa miniṭē jhālī āhēta 

And that is how you tell time in Marathi. Hope you're all sorted!

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