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## Headline 2
### Headline 3

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[link text](

> Quote text
***Johnny Author***

![image alt text](image url)
***Image caption, description***

Horizontal rule

Inline Code
`var name = "John Doe";`

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``` codelanguage
function foo() {
  return bar;

Bulleted list
- item 1
- item 2
- item 3

Numbered list
1. item 1
2. item 2
3. item 3

Learn these seven Telugu slang words to surprise your Telugu speaking friends

The warmth of the communication between friends is often hidden in the slang words of a language. Find here some lovely Telugu slang words to use when speaking with your Telugu speaking friends

The importance of slang words

One can talk in any language by learning. But have you wondered how to speak like natives? There is something that every language assimilates in itself, which makes it unique and gives certain emotions the exact expression. Isn’t it? This article is all about that particular secret ingredient. Nah, I’m not getting into the zone of grammar, parts of speech, figure of speech. Nope! I am speaking about:

Slang words! Slang words! Slang words!

Yes, Slang words are the secret. While we talk to people have you ever put a count on the informal words that are common in speech and never appear in writing? Try it and you will see the omnipresence of the slang words in every friendly conversation.

Slang words come out of our own originality and living style. Hence, these words induce the feeling of closeness to the person, with whom you are speaking to.

Just imagine saying, “Hey Anand, I’ll also come with you” versus “Hey buddy, let me join you”.  Here, the slang word buddy does the magic. So, let’s check it out some Telugu slang words that just bring you more close to the Telugu language. And as a bonus we’re throwing in some synonyms of the slangs as well!

Seven Telugu slang words to impress and bond with your Telugu speaking friends


Image of a confused man used for Telugu slang jeffa

Meaning: a fool (works for male and female).

Usage: It's a casual word to call a close friend in a funny way. It never works with a serious tone!

  • Hey jeffa, that's not the way to do it!
  • Hey jeffa, what are you doing?

Slang synonyms: jeffa Boy, jeffa Girl, yedava



Meaning: Grove- a small plant/wood that comes out of soil against all the odds.

Usage: this word is used when a person does something unthinkable.

  • How did you do it buddy, you are really Thopu!

Slang Synonyms: Turumu, Pailwan, Undalsina Vadivi/Undalsina dhanivi.



Image of a surprised man for Telugu slang word Keka which means awesome

Meaning: Awesome, but the literal meaning is ‘a shout’.

Usage: When something is ‘screamingly’ awesome.

  • How was the movie you went last night?

           That movie was keka (awesome)!

Slang Synonyms: kevvu, adirindhi, arupuru.



Image of nagging man for Telugu slang SAVAGOTTAKU which means nagging

Meaning: Nagging continuously (never use this while attending to serious matters).

Literal meaning is ‘don’t beat me to death’.

Usage: this word is used when someone is continuously after you to do something. We use this word to express our feelings.

  • Example: I wanted to get away from my savagottey parents

Slang Synonyms: saampaku, aaputava




Meaning:  Greeting by joining hand together in Indian style _/\_ (never works for serious matters).

Usage: when fed up with some one, this word is used to bid adieu.

  • I am tired of following up with you buddy, dandam ra ayya now!

Slang Synonyms: navalla kadu, apeyroy / apeyvey



 Telugu slang word Abbacha which means 'what nonsense'

Meaning: It’s a kind of nuance; Literal meaning is not clearly defined.

Usage: to give a reaction of ‘enough of buildup’ without saying it actually.

Your friend: says something nonsensical

  • You: Abbacha!! (what nonsense)

           Slang Synonyms: aha, atlana,vellira



Image of a girl extending out her hand to say STOP used for Telugu slang word Lolli aapu

Meaning: Lolli – Irritating behaviour

Usage: The word is used with the Telugu word aapu, which means stop. Lolli aapu means ‘stop irritating’.

  • Lolli aapu Ananda!

Slang Synonym: aaputava, inka chalu

Formal words are only for books. Formality is only for guests. Slangs are informal and we use them when communicating with those close to us. Use a bit of slang to win the hearts of the Telugu people with this secret ingredient. Let them wonder, how you improved your Telugu and how you become the natu (one from the masses!)

Do you want to learn Telugu in a simple and exciting way?

Learning a new language is fun and intriguing. Yet inhibitions and unease are expected. In order to curb all the obstacles that you face you have the Language curry app, which makes learning simpler and exciting.

Practicing conversations, vocabulary for a context, Audio availability of pronunciations, verifying your pronunciation and many more special features are featured in the app, which help the beginners. The app is designed with Level by Level process, Practice Exercises, Practice dialogue and many more. Have a look at the dialogue practicing flow in the following snap attached from the app (This is provided with the Text-to-Speak app facility).

Telugu lesson on Language Curry App, Chapter 5 of level 2


The best thing with this app is all the features mentioned above are free. Spend just 5 minutes of your time to master spoken Telugu with Language Curry.

Share the Language Curry App with your friends and help them in improving their spoken Telugu.


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