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***Johnny Author***

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`var name = "John Doe";`

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function foo() {
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1. item 1
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The phenomena that is Kantara! #Kannada

Made on a tiny budget, Kannada film Kantara went on to become a global success, raking in a whopping 400 crores!

The storm originating from the Southern movie industry is unlikely to ebb anytime soon!

Every now and then, it brings something new to the table, sweeping the audience off their feet. The latest chartbuster, Kantara has also hit the bull’s eye.

After making 400 crores, this film which was made on a shoestring budget is now released on an OTT platform in four languages.

Kantara is picturized in scenic coastal Karnataka and is themed around elements local Kannadiga culture.  The story revolves around a festival dance performance called the ‘bhoota kola’ where the forest deity interacts with the villagers through the performer. Who would have imagined that exactly this hyper-localness is what would bring it universal relatability? Rishab was correct when he said that the film is universal as it is hyper-local.

#Kantara Divine 𝟓𝟎𝐃𝐚𝐲𝐬 & 𝐂𝐨𝐮𝐧𝐭𝐢𝐧𝐠 In USA - A Dream Run For A Kannada Movie - 2nd Kannada Movie To Achieve This Feet In USA 🔥🔥#DivineBlockbusterKantara @shetty_rishab @gowda_sapthami @VKiragandur @hombalefilms

— CINEMY (@cinemytweets) November 18, 2022

The name of the movie roughly translates to a mysterious jungle and true to its name, the film revolves around the inhabitants of a jungle and the ecosystem. It is a take on the never-ending battle between man versus nature: is it for the benefit of the human species to preserve nature, or should nature be exploited to satisfy the insatiable greed of mankind? The story sprouted from a real-life incident of a clash between a staunch agriculturist and an upright forest official: both undeterred in their conviction. Assertive characters with firm, conflicting views - how many wonderful stories have they driven? Eventually more characters; some with conflictual views, some with comical roles- come into existence. Some interesting facts (are you aware that India possibly got its first lady forest guard in 2004?) also were woven into the plot.

The story is intertwined with Indian culture and sacred practices and this, possibly, should rest as the biggest acclaim of the storyteller. 

The story is intertwined with Indian culture and sacred practices and this, possibly, should rest as the biggest acclaim of the storyteller. The heritage and folklore of this ancient land of ours, are shown in their full glory and displayed with authenticity. Bonus features include the film’s mass appeal with its action sequence, comedy, eye-grabbing visuals and even romance.

The original movie in Kannada and the subsequently dubbed ones are receiving full houses across the nation and the world. Some awestruck viewers claimed to be under the spell of the movie even after having exited the theatres. The soulful theme song Varaharoopam continues to play on a loop in the mind. The film is a modern-day parable made from divine blessings.

A certain quality might be noticed in the movies from the South. They have been authentic and unapologetic in bringing forward Indian culture and history with all its splendour. Their efforts have received global recognition and love. If we do not take pride in something that is intrinsic to our existence -who else would?

Has Bollywood got something to learn?

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