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Garden city Bangaluru: the anandalahari of mandirs!

Garden city Bangaluru: the anandalahari of mandirs!

Bendakalur, (present Bengaluru) was built by our Nada (Deva of the land) Prabhu Kempegowda. The city has adapted to continual changes over time and become the Bengaluru of today. Donning the title of Silicon City, it has been expanding over the past hundred years and today provides employment to lakhs of professionals.

Bengalurians refer to everything dear to them as namma, which means ours. namma is not just a word, it is a passion and you can sense it when you hear Bangaloreans say namma RCB squad or namma Metro.

In contrast, we just get blank stares when we ask Bengaluru's current generation about the history of the city. The city has a rich past that spans more than 1200 years. The name of a person by the name of Kittayya is referenced in an ancient Kannada inscription from the 7th century that was found in the city of Hebbal (in Today’s Bangalore). Kittayya was known as the first citizen of Bengaluru city to get recognized in the inscription. It also notes that Hebbal was formerly known as Perbola Nadu. This inscription is thought to be from the Ganga era.

Raja Raja Chola
A mural of Raja Raja Chola (Image: wiki)

Today’s leaders are in control of the lands that were previously run by the Cholas, Gangas, Rashtrakutas, Marathas, Hoysalas, Kadambas, Karnataka Samrajya (Presently known as Vijayanagara Samrajya because of its capital city Vijayanagara), Chalukyas, and the Maharajas of Mysore.

Often overlooked are the city's historic mandirs when the city's most important places that have contributed to the cultural legacy of Bengaluru are thought of. One remember modern places like Independence Park, Vidhan Sabha, Bangalore Palace, Tipu Palace and Fort, Town Hall, Corporation Building, Mayo Hall, Sheshadri Iyer Memorial Hall, Aero India, Fun World, and Snow City.

Bengaluru Vidhan Sabha,Karnataka
Bengalure, Parliament House

There is a kagga (Poem) by a well-known writer and philosopher from Karnataka, D.V Gundappa. His Mankutimmana Kagga (Philosophical Book) is recognized as a Kannada Bhagavadgeeta.  He used Marula Muniya as a pen name for his poems.

In one of his poems, he says:

Sri Majjaganmukura Vistaradolar Tanna

Maimeya Pratibimba Chitragalannu Nodu

Ttamodabadutihano Aatanadidaavareya

Naamarasuvam Baro

The above lines express the emotion that, may the days come as soon as possible when all these sacred places and architectural marvels reclaim their pride of place and respect. So many are located all around us, if devotees know of them, they will surely love to visit.  The poet asks one to look for the lotus feet of such a person who is enjoying himself in the vastness of the mirror of the rich world while gazing at the images of Ishwar.

I believe that the person is residing in the mandirs of Namma Bengaluru.

Let’s take a look at some of the mandirs in Bangalore:

The Nandi Mandir of Basavanagudi built in the sixteenth century – which also consists of Sri Dodda Ganapati Mandir in its premises

The Sri Someswara Mandir of the 10th century period is located in Halasuru

The Sri Narasimha Swamy Mandir also known as Vaikuntha Kshetra built around 400 years ago. It is located near Roopena Agrahara

The Sri Venugopalaswamy Mandir which is constructed like Vijayanagara style of architecture is located near Devanahalli

The Nageswara Swamy Mandir of the 9th century near Begur

The Pandurangaswamy Mandirs of Yalahanka, Sri Vasantha Vallabharayaswamy Mandir of Vasantpura is also considered as Chikka Tirupati (Mini Tirupati Mandir of Bengaluru)

Dravidian and Vijayanagara style 'Kote Venkataramana' Swamy Mandir of 17th century in KR Market

The Ranganathswamy Mandir and the Sri Kailasa Vaikuntha Mahakshetra of Rajajinagar have a legacy of 300 years

Rajrajeshwari Temple Bangalore, Karnataka
Rajrajeshwara Mandir Image Source

Sri Rajarajeshwari Mandir of Sri Rajarajeshwari Nagara is located at the place where once river Cauvery and Vrishabhavati used to flow

The Ragigudda Prasanna Anjaneya Swamy Mandir located near Jayanagara. Here one can seek darshan of the dashavataras of Vishnu. 

There are numerous mandirs hidden from view, blooming like golden lotuses throughout Bangalore city, quietly emitting the aroma of culture. Our Garden City is truly the anandalahari (waves of happiness) of Mandirs. It is not just the City of IT-BT Companies and Concrete Buildings.


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