Markdown Cheat Sheet

# Headline 1
## Headline 2
### Headline 3

~~strike through~~

[link text](

> Quote text
***Johnny Author***

![image alt text](image url)
***Image caption, description***

Horizontal rule

Inline Code
`var name = "John Doe";`

Code block with syntax highlighting
``` codelanguage
function foo() {
  return bar;

Bulleted list
- item 1
- item 2
- item 3

Numbered list
1. item 1
2. item 2
3. item 3

Mamta Sridhar
Mamta Sridhar

<p>An interior designer with a Postgraduate Diploma in Business Management, Mamta is a mother to two lovely daughters. I had always dreamed about being a globetrotter a dream that came true after marriage. We spent five years in Australia where we explored the country, made new friends, and learnt about the lifestyle Aussies have. The next haul was in Zambia where again we made many friends. There were so many Indians that it felt like a big family. We went on numerous safaris, partied every weekend, played games indoors and outdoors, and participated in competitions. It was fun. Though everybody whom I met is in different parts of the world, we are still bound to each other. Memories never fade. Now we are settled in Chennai, and I am working from home. Though I am not good at writing, have got a chance to share my experiences with South Indian festivals, hope you enjoy them.</p>

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